We World Pride Festival

24.06.17 - 02.07.17

In 2017, Madrid becomes the gay capital of the world, chosen to host the celebrations of WorldPride, together with EuroPride, for the first time in history! It is the first city in the world that will gather both celebrations in the same city and in the same year.

For this occasion, and as an official WorldPride party, we want to present our summer festival – WE WORLD PRIDE FESTIVAL:

  • A special edition with more days: 9 days
  • More parties: 12 events
  • Bigger locations: Fabrik and various venues and spaces
  • The best venues in Madrid
  • Outdoor venues: pool party and openair party
  • Parade float
  • WE’S WORLD casting and more surprises

This year, we expect more than 60,000 participants from all over the world in our events.

Madrid celebrates 40 years of Pride, a Parade that began as a protest march in 1977, and since then, has been held in the center of the city during the first weekend of July.

This year Madrid anticipates its dates – from June 23 to July 2 – in order to extend the days of celebrations, and also to mention and remember the date of the Stonewall riots, in the morning of June 28, 1969 in New York, and Which was the trigger for the first protest march for LGBT rights.

Madrid’s Parade is considered the world’s most crowded parade since EuroPride in 2007 that was held in the city. 10 years later we can proudly brag of being one of the most important Pride in the world, more than 2 million participants, and with expectations of reaching 3 million this year.

A Pride that has the institutional support of the Central Government, the community of Madrid and the Mayor of Madrid, who has declared in 2016 during Pride Celebrations as a Festival of General Interest of the city.

More than 400,000 tourists visit the city every year for these celebrations. A number who can grow during this edition, in which we also celebrate 12 years of equal marriage in the country.

As Festival and Pride go hand in hand, since 2016 WE Party was named as the official party of these celebrations for Madrid WorldPride 2017, representing the city and as an international sponsor of MADO (Madrid Pride) in the world.

VIVA LA VIDA is the motto of WorlPride 2017, without translation, and has been chosen as an official slogan in each of the prides in the countries that are taking part in InterPride. MADO is offering the cultural activities of world pride festival, who will organize shows in public venues in the most important squares of the city. WorlPride Park, in Madrid Rio, will be another of the most significant innovations of this year.

Meanwhile, WE Party is offering the bigest parties for the festival.

  • The best productions: Scenarios, lights, LEDs screens and visuals
  • The most relevant DJs of the gay circuit
  • Guys from all over the world
  • The best shows and international dancers

9 days in which to enjoy what will be the best Pride you have ever seen!

This is our WORLD and WE are PROUD of our colors!

Ayuntamiento de Madrid

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