WorldPride Madrid 2017 PROGRAM PREVIEW

WorldPride Festival WILL TAKE PLACE IN FIVE DIFFERENT STAGES IN PLAZA DE PEDRO ZEROLO, Plaza del Rey, Plaza de España, Puerta del Sol AND Puerta de Alcalá.

Pelayo Street will host a number of activities amongst which the traditional high heel shoe race will be the highlight.

A number of national and international artists have already confirmed their appearance, such as: Ana Torroja, Alicia Ramos, Ania, Azúcar Moreno, Baccara, Barei, Camela, Carmelo Segura Companhia, Carmen París, Cintia Lund, Conchita Wurst, Dani Panullo DanceTheatre CO, Dani Umpi, Diabéticas Aceleradas, Fleur East, Ivri Lider, Kate Ryan, Le Klein, Loreen, Los Quintana, Marta Sánchez, Mirela, Nuria Fergó, OBK, Olé Olé, Ray BLK, Rebeca, Rosa, Roser, Rozalén, Ruth Lorenzo, Sharonne, Soraya, The Weather Girls, Whigfield and 99 Souls. Further widely renowned artists will be revealed at a later stage to complete the program.

WorldPride Festival” brings an eclectic and diverse program to celebrate WorldPride Madrid 2017. Music from all corners of the world, dance, cabaret, transformism and pop, latin and electronic sounds from national and international artists will bring the colorful and diverse note between June 28th and July 2nd in the five scenarios across Plaza Plaza de Pedro Zerolo, Plaza del Rey, Plaza de España, Puerta del Sol y Puerta de Alcalá.

The stage on Plaza del Rey (Wednesday 28th of June to Sunday 2nd of July) will once again host the Festival Cultural Muestra T, bringing music from all corners of the globe together with dance and a special focus on women, featuring artists like Carmen París, María Peláe or Alicia Ramos. Carmelo Segura and Dani Panullo will feature their dance companies. The space will also bring us Dani Umpi, the uruguayan musician Dorian Wood – the north american songwriter, Fernando Egozcue from Argentina together with the flamenco guitar player José Luis Montón, the African artist Mú Mbana or the Cuban duo formed by Jade and Jorge Iván amongst others.

Cabaret will be one of the signs of identity of Plaza de Pedro Zerolo which, between Wednesday the 28th of June and Saturday the 1st of July will turn into the WorldPride Cabaret stage, featuring a selection of national and international transformism artists. It will also host famous fragments of star performances such as Briefs (Australia), The Original Gula Gula Drag Show (España), El Cabaret de los hombres perdidos (España), Vienna for Madrid (Austria), Crazy Girls (España), Pura (Argentina), así como seleccionados shows de cabaret de Los Quintana (Argentina), Miss Ariell (Cuba), Diabéticas Aceleradas (España), Sharonne (España), etc. On top of this, on Thursday the 29th of June, the radio station Radiolé will organiza a festival featuring Calaítos, Camela, Kafé Pa 3, La Húngara, Las Soles, María Artés, Maki, Nuria Fergó and Sara Salazar.

Pelayo street will be home to the already emblematic high heel shoe race that celebrates its 10th anniversary.

The stage in Puerta del Sol (Wednesday 28th of June to Saturday 1st of July) will feature proposals from Algora, Cintia Lund, Cycle, Innocence, Rebeca, Dj Suri and Dj Harry Louis (Brasil) sets and special parties by: Befresh, DLRO, Freedom Mas Palomas, MALA MALA, Onda Orgullo, PeopleFM PrideFest and Ponte Chueca.

A highlight will be the Mr. Gay Pride Spain Gala (10th anniversary special) starring Azúcar Moreno, Mirela and Whigfield.

The stage in Plaza de España (Thursday 29th of June to Saturday 1st of July) will be home to, amongst others, Ania (Perú), Rozalén, Roser, Soraya and sets by Dj Lara Fulanita and Dj Tatiana. On Friday the 30th of June, The British Council will organize the Festival ‘Love’ with performances by Fleur East, Ray BLK and 99 Souls (Dj set).

Lastly, the stage on Puerta de Alcalá will see a varied program (Friday 30th of June to Sunday 2nd of July) with performances by: Baccara, Celia Flores, Marta Sánchez, OBK, Olé Olé, The Weather Girls (Estados Unidos) and sets by Dj Jane Kamikaze (Austria), Dj The G-Team & MC Divine (Holanda).

On Saturday the 1st of July, this stage will host the “Gala EuroPride” in which Gothenburg/Stockholm, which will be hosting the European Pride 2018, will be handed over the Europride baton. On Sunday 2nd of July, the closing gala for WorldPride Madrid 2017 will celebrate previous WorldPrides: Rome (2000), Jerusalem (2006), London (2012), Toronto (2014). New York will be handed over the WorldPride, being host city in 2019 on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall events.  Both galas will feature artists from previous organizing countries of Europride and WorldPride prior to the Madrid edition, as well as those hosting them in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Some highlights are: Ana Torroja, Barei, Conchita Wurst (Austria), Ivri Lider (Israel), Kate Ryan (Belgium), LeKlein, Loreen (Sweden), Rosa and Ruth Lorenzo together with sets from DJ Héctor Fonseca (United States). 

InterPride (Asociación Mundial de Organizadores de Orgullo) concedió a AEGAL en 2012 la licencia para la celebración oficial del WorldPride 2017 en Madrid. El Comité Organizador del WorldPride 2017 está formado por AEGAL, COGAM y FELGTB. Tiene como patrocinador institucional principal al Ayuntamiento de Madrid y cuenta con el apoyo de la Comunidad de Madrid. Bajo el lema Viva la vida, el Wold Pride Madrid 2017 se celebra del 23 de junio al 2 de julio.

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