WorldPride Madrid 2017

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero

Ex-President of the Government of Spain.

He studied Law at the University of León (Spain), graduating in 1982. He was elected President of the Government of Spain after general elections of both 2004 and 2008. The main actions of President Zapatero as the head of the Government of Spain were focused on the creation and extension of rights, with legislative initiatives such as the Comprehensive Law against Gender Violence, 2004; the law which recognizes same-sex marriage, 2005; The Equality Act between women and men and the Act of Historical Memory, both 2007; The Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy Act of 2010 or the Victims of Terrorism Act of 2011. In social policy, during its mandate the system of care for dependents was launched, driven by the so-called Dependency Law of 2007 ; The minimum wage and the lowest pensions experienced the highest growth rates known in the democratic period, as well as the scholarships; And the paternity leave was created, the maternity leave was extended, and public early childhood education was extended to promote, along with other measures, the reconciliation of personal and work life.

Currently, Zapatero is President of the Forum for Socially Responsible Recruitment (since January 2017) and member of the Board of CERMI Women, Member of the Club of Madrid and the Board of Trustees of the World Sustainable Development Forum. He participates in various international forums for debate and gives lectures in different countries on issues related to civil rights, gender equality, the conditions of peace and the consequences of globalization. In 2013 he published "The Dilemma. 600 days of vertigo "(Planeta).

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid